Why So Many Women Are Ditching Their Underwear

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I really do wish that I could find a manufacturer that still makes them like that. This is used to prevent bots and spam. It's the whole fun of it to wear the actual girls and womens underwear and bras.

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Aug 14,  · It seems that I've been Sharon Van Winkle, snoozing for years and suddenly waking to a world where a lot of women have ditched their underwear. Commando.
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Womens Underwear

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When a man decides to wear panties, he is faced with a decision. Either he purchases women's underwear and wears it, or he purchases specialty underwear that is made of the same fabric as women's underwear, but is cut to accommodate the manly parts that women lack.

One would think that men would opt for the underwear designed for men, but it would seem from the comments on these hubs where men have mentioned what panties they like to wear, that men often prefer to wear women's lingerie.

In my own experience too, men who like to wear lingerie generally elect to wear women's panties rather than special panties for men. This is a discussion of the pros and cons of men's and women's lingerie. Comments are more than welcome if you'd like to share your own favorites. It is a simple fact that men's and women's bodies are different, and in more ways than the obvious. Not only do men and women have different equipment, they are also shaped noticeably differently.

Men tend to be longer in the panty region, and women's hips make their bodies rounder. Thus panties designed especially for men are generally much longer than women's panties, and have extra space in the crotch region. This would appear to be advantageous, as it provides for a more 'natural' fit, but many men seem to enjoy the more restrictive feeling that wearing women's lingerie provides.

It is also worth noting that most fabrics will stretch to accommodate the male figure, rendering a special panty for the purpose obsolete. From what I have seen, many panties designed for men don't actually look like women's underwear when they are being worn.

They tend to be cut long, and have an appearance somewhere between a bloomer and a diaper. Perhaps this is a harsh comment, but the effect of creating a panty that covers the body from a man's waist to his upper thighs is not at all like the effect that wearing a womans panty, where the material tends to cling to the skin.

Depending on your reason for wanting to wear women's lingerie, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Men who purely wear women's lingerie for the feel of the material may find panties designed for men to be the perfect solution. Men who like not only the feel of the material, but also the feel of the particular way women's panties cling to the body will probably find panties designed for men to be unsatisfying. On the plus side, panties designed for men do tend to have a great deal of detail on them.

Because the manufacturers understand that their clientel is in love with pretty colors, lace, and smooth silky fabrics, you will generally find that Panties for Men or Manties as they are sometimes known are more feminine in appearance than most women's underwear.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Ive worn both, many of the womens garments do fit men with smaller anatomy in the groin, and are affordable, many of the garments that are made for men are either so expensive you cant afford to buy many sor are so cheaply made the they tear on the first wear,. I have been wearing womens panties for years I love the way they feel and I love all the different colors.

I will always wear panties. I love wearing sexy ladies panties and sexy lingerie. Sexy ladies panties feel wonderful and I'll definitely never stop wearing panties for comfort and such great sexy feeling wearing panties. I have been wearing Vanity Fair nylon full cut panties since Started wearing my moms and been wearing ever since.

Glad my wife has no problem with it. I have worn panties and bras for years both purchased from lingerie shops and also off the net specific for males but with the female look and feel, I love them, at home I also wear sexy nighties, suspenders, stockings, heels and madeup with a wig as well, I have plenty of other Femme wear skirts, dresses, pants suits and Maids outfits they are just great and my wife adores seeing me dressed Femme.

I been wearing women's panties for years. The comfortable ever recommend for All men. Worn panties since six, bras came later. Now at 75 ,I've been wearing Vanity Fair panties for over 60 yrs. Wife buys some for me from time to time. Doesn;t mind at all.

Having been a wearer of women's panties for over 30 years, it is my preference to wear exclusively the vintage nylon styles of the 50's and '60's. Its not only the comfort, but mostly for turn on of wearing a women's intimate. The softer the better. Lace also adds a sexy touch. There are times that I enjoy the feeling of my panty riding up my butt. That is a constant reminder that I have on panties. It will create some VPL so beware. High cut is one of my everyday panty choices.

I am where I don't wear white clothing more women's panties and bras nice dresses nice high heels T so I love to wear pretty panties and pretty bras. I wear womens underwear for support. I'm normal size but I shrink up, and whitey tighties suck. The pocket in the front you have to fill degrades you. Panties are soft, supportive. I am a man,i have been wearing panties for years and I love the feel.

I enjoy very much wearing women's panties. I have been wearing panties for 5 years now. I never wear men's underware anymore. Panties feel so much better. I'm trying to wear bra's in public but am still nervous about the idea. I have read the article about men wearing bra's to work. I'm trying to get over my fear of being noticed with a bra on.

I'm a man 66 years old, I prefer women panties, and specially I like to wear those Vanity Fair Ravissant Panties panties all day long, they are better then men regular brief, it's like having a second skin on you,and even in bed with a Vanity Fair Nightgown too, a perfect match I think they are the most silky undergarment on the market, and also at a reasonable price too, and we can find it in different color too,don't be afraid to wear those women panties, just go for it I was a panty thief as a child and into my 20's.

I love the feel of nylon tricot on my body. Now I wear them every day and my wife does not know. I got started before I was five years old and will never stop wearing them. I have been wearing women's panties for over fifteen years and I agree with most men that if you want to wear panties wear women's panties. I have tried both and women's panties fit best! I have been wearing bras and panties for years. Most everything I wear comes from HommeMystere web site. And every morning my wife selects my bra and panty set.

And I'm very comfortable with this arrangement. My one experience in buying "panties for men" from Manties. It's a lot easier to just shop for women's panties at the store - you can see what your getting and they are generally well made. I wear custom made "mens panties" just because I cant wear real womens panties to work. I have tried manties and. I only wear real, authentic women's panties. Manties not only don't look like real panties but they don't fit like "real" panties.

If I'm going to bother wearing panties, I want the REAL panties and get the full effect of wearing women's panties, not men's panties. There is something taboo about wearing women's clothing made for women as opposed to wearing women's clothing made for men.

I prefer the cut, the look and the feel and knowing that they were designed and made for women. I am a man. I wear panties all the time. But I won't go for these "mens panties" that are now out in these sites. I won't wear the "panties for men" nor "bras for men". Besides, if you want to wear bras and panties, get the real womens and girls stuff like I do and wear.

It's the whole fun of it to wear the actual girls and womens underwear and bras. I love my selection of panties. I have also chosen women panties due to other reasons. I would love to see more women support the men in this. Reading Hopes writings it fully supports what a man wants to wear. I am not against cross dressers. In fact i support them. My wife does support me wearing panties, other than that she don"t agree with. I can live with that, and respect her for what she wants and likes.

In fact i have tried a bra and not happy with the looks or fit. I will stick to my panties and be happy that me and my wife enjoys my panties. I also enjoy when she wears matching panties with me. In short men if you want to wear panties, bras or anything else go for it and don't hide it. I not only love my pink panties, I see myself as a girl in "most" ways. I just love to put delicate panties on and feel sweet and girly. You are a wonderful person, Hope! Not everyone understands this.

Fine European lingerie- French and Italian- are the best! I could wear these all the time and enjoy extended sessions of massage while wearing them for my partner's pleasure. Personally, I have been wearing panties since my mother dressed me in them as a young child. As a middle age man, I still love them. My wife now buys them for me often but balks at the lacy frilly type. I wear them everyday, even to the doctors office as I do not own any male underwear.

I have purchased panties from xdress and from other specialty shops but they are much more expensive than the run of the mill ladies panties and personally, I like the high of wearing ladies panties. The xdress panties I have purchased do hold up though. One thing I love about wearing ladies panties is the VPL and the lines of the crotch area.

Mens panties do not have the cotton liner and thus do not have the look that I adore. Personally, If I am going to wear panties, I want to look in the mirror and see a visible panty line that looks accurate. Shadowline has gone out of business!

I loved, loved their Hipster. Today I was going in and out of hospitals 12 for my job, this site mde me want to be adventurous. I wore my 6 strap garter belt, black lace top stockings back seem, and pink ruffled boy cut rhumba panties. I did a lotof walking though hospitals talkking to doctors, yes it was a thrill feeling the straps on the back of my legs with every step I took.

I almost exclusively wear panties under my ladies pants, and either the tin ladies pant socks or PH. No i do not try to hide it under my legs, nd yes I have been caught. My pants today were light enough tht the straps could be seen if you knew to look. I also like to wear Ph under shorts, or with an oocasional Denim or my leather skirt, both knee leangth.

It definitely is fun beeing a secure male. I remember dressing in my sisters clothes at 8 yrs old, today I have my own wardrobe. I also don't see a problem with a t-shirt dress or a caftan type outfit. I don't think I woul go much further thou. I have been wearing panties, bras, lingerie, and female clothing virtually all my life.

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