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When the girl measured me at a DD, I was surprised. I was thinking of trying a 32D Is there even a 26 bra I measured myself and my band was supposed to be 28, and my breast were 35, I ordered a 28F panache from ebay, i was waiting to see a HUGE bra, I was embarrassed, my husband was waiting to see it when I opened the box:

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For years I have tried to compress my chest (usually with no-wire triangle bras that flatten rather than give lift), or hide my breasts in oversized oxford shirts, loose-fitting cashmere sweaters.
womens - Bargain Crazy | Big Brands at little prices | Up to 80% off fashion, electrical, toys, homeware and more!
For years I have tried to compress my chest (usually with no-wire triangle bras that flatten rather than give lift), or hide my breasts in oversized oxford shirts, loose-fitting cashmere sweaters.

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Am I able to set up sub-accounts within my Shipping Pass subscription for family and friends? Shipping Pass Want to get your items fast without the pricey shipping fees? Report your issue Only associates can see this. Items sold by Walmart. It's off by one cup size because most people are on symmetrical. One half of our bodies are larger than the other. And when you buy a bra you fit the larger breast. I might be wrong but it sounds somewhat right to me. I live in a small town where there are only the "common sizes" or whatever, and I'm hours away from any decent store.

Im thinking of ordering online from la senza. I took their size test thing and it said I should be wearing a 32 A My measurements were 28 ribs, and 33 bust I was thinking of trying a 32D Apparently I can return them if they dont fit, but I'd rather get it right the first time. Dear Anonymous from a small town, You sound like a 28DD. You might want to try a 30D and a 28E in some brands just to see how they fit. If you want to get a cheap bra in you area you can get a 32C or a 32D and have the band straps made to fit you.

Just take it to your seamstress. But ti might be better to buy your size online. The bras will last longer that way. Hi, this is a really great page might I say. I actually had a professional bra fitting two days ago and was instructed to buy 30DD bras. The one I tried on yesterday, the band felt like it was digging in, which I would assume would mean the band size is too small but I tried on a 32C in the bra fitting and was told the band was too big. Also it was like falling down when i was moving so that my breasts weren't properly covered I got told by someone online to try and shorten the straps but they were the shortest that they went!

I'm wearing another 30DD today and it fits more comfortably, pretty much perfect however I have noticed that the straps are not sitting very snugly and are ever so slightly too big even on the shortest they go.

Have you got any advice for me to try and get a better fit? I think my problem is with the straps being too big: I came up with a 10" difference, which gives me a GG cup size. Can that be right? I could have measured with a smaller difference, more like inches if I hadn't followed instructions for tight over the ribs and looser over the breasts. I'm an odd one with a waist substantially smaller than my ribs as well. Should I go for a size closer to my ribs or closer to my waist for the band?

I always thought one measured the ribs but was thrown off by your assertion that the waist is usually the same size. I feel like my current bras fit okay but wear out quickly. See how the bra should fit.

If your bras isn't doing what it should you might want to try the GG. I feel stupid for asking such a silly question but I don't understand Step 6? I measured 3 inches difference. What cup is that? I measured with and without a bra. Without a bra I came to about 3 inches in difference. Whereas with a 'daily' bra a 6 inches difference. So, would my measurement be 30 band size F then? To Lux it sounds like your a 30E. You might also want to try a 30F. In step 6 each cup size is 1 inch different from the next.

I'm like super confused right now. My measurements are underbust: It's all I can find here in Quebec canada since they don't make 28 and 30 band sizes. Should I try ordering a 28G or am I way off? When you calculate the difference between bust and underbust do you have to use your actual ribcage measurement or the band size measurement like in this case I have a 27 underbust but the the band size would be 28 so do I have to use the 27 inches measurement or the band size measurement??

Anna from Montreal Quebec. To Anna, I think that you should try a 28G see how it works for you. I'm starting to get really frustrated with bras and sizes. I measure 24 rib cage and 33 bust but I'm still not sure what my size should be. Seeing as I'm only 16 and bras are way too expensive I currently own one bra that I'm able to wear for a long period of time for example a whole school day.

Its a 32D t shirt bra from Victoria's Secret and even that gives me trouble. The band feels super tight at times which is weird because my rib cage measurement is so small.

There is also a small amount of space between my breasts and where the band wire is which also made think for awhile that the bra was too big To Deborah, From you measurements I think that you might be a 24G. You might be more comfortable in a 26FF. You only need 3 bras that fit for everyday. Brittany thank you, It has taken a while for getting back to you. I do like the main band fit. But the part between the cups bothers me. This a Freya T-shirt bra. I am so glad I stumbled across this! I measured myself how you said to and I am 28 under bust and 32 bust.

So I should look at 28D bras? Right now I wear a 32B, but it often rides up, especially if I am pulling my shirt over my head, but even just sitting around sometimes I have to shift it down.

Is that because the band size is too big? Any suggestions where I can look for affordable bras? My band measurement was 27, and my bust was 33, so does that mean I'm a 28 DD or 28 E? Right now I'm wearing a 36 C: Cat, you should try a 28E. If you want you could try 3 different bras in the same brand and style and see how they fit 28DD 28E and 28F.

See how they fit and work for you. How does the 36C fit. If you tied the bra in the back so it's is as tight as it can be, Do your breast fit in the cup or is the cup to small or too large? If the cup seems to fit well then you might want to remeasure yourself in the 90 degree position with out a bra and see what your measurements are. Your sister size would be 28F from 36C.

To Erin, You might want to Brastop. You might also want to try a 28DD in the same brand and style just in case. Hey there, could you help me with my measurements? Hi I don't know if you are replying anymore but my ribcage measurement is 38 and my bust 45, would that be a 38F or FF, Currently I wear a 42DDD and the cups are too big as well as the straps.

Help would be appreciated. Hi, Thank you for this post. I've always known that you weren't supposed to add inches to your band size but by going on that and the difference between my bust size, the cup size kept ending up being too small I can only order online because I live in a country where they do not sell bras in my size!

When I lean forward my bust size goes up quite a bit, how far should I lean forward to get an accurate measurement? If I lean all the way forward so I'm parallel to the ground it goes up to 43" but if I stand up straight it's 41". My band size is 32" so what size bra would that make me I'm hoping to buy a Freya bra because I've heard good things about them. Thanks in advance for your help! This comment has been removed by the author. Hi, I have trouble finding bras that fit properly, because my ribcage is pretty tiny as well.

Depending on the bra, I can range from 32B, 32A, and 30B. However I suspect my true size is a 28C. Hoping you'd be able to enlighten me, I am To give you a better idea of my body size, I am 5"3, 99lbs and I didn't even know such a size existed!

The smallest waist size I've ever seen at the stores is According to the stores or really I should say "store" because only one place has my size I've been to, my size was 32 DDD.. They always measure right under the armpits for the waist size, which, now that I think of it, doesn't make much sense because the larger the cup size, the more fat will be residing at the armpit.. I do need some help though, no store in my area is going to have my "new" size. I know you listed several websites to purchase some from but they are expensive, plus there's the cost of shipping..

Do I just have to cough up the extra money or should I continue on in my seemingly fitting size? Hi, my underbust is 28" tight, or 29" loose. My bust is My new size according to this sizing scared me a little. I currently wear a poorly fitting 34DD or worse, a 36D. Could I really be a 28G? I have tried 32DDDs and they don't fit quite the way I would like, so I'm not sure at this point. Any help is appreciated! I have been wearing a 32DD for years.

Last three years or so, unsightly tissue is hanging out the side. I measured and it sounds like I need a 30E bra. Where on earth do you find that size? Hi, I just read through all the comments and wanted to say: It's worth everything once you get the right bra size. I was wearing with success I thought 14DD bras 36DD until I was about 21 because that was available at departments stores in Australia.

The humidity here is atrocious. The first thing I would do when I got home was change out of my bra and I always had sweat and red marks from where the underwires rubbed against my ribs and even between my breasts. The cups were sitting a good inch off my chest. I took a gamble when I found an online store that sells large cup sizes for "regular" dress sizes ie under size 18 and ordered what I thought would be a laughably huge cup size: When I tried it on I almost burst into tears.

For the very first time in my life the band sat right on my chest. My boobs still spilled out of the cups but I knew I was on the right path. I ended up in a 34GG. A perfectly fitted bra is worth more than the best dress in your closet. Bras are expensive for me..

I got a 27 band size and a 33 cup size, but I think I may be a 32 cup size. The difference really is in the tightness of the measuring tape. How tightly should I be measuring? It might be worth noting that I've always just worn a 32A before this. I see how wrong some of the sites are for measuring. I wear a 32ddd and apparently according to one site it says i wear should wear a 34b???

Ive never worn that low!!! I'm not thrilled with the fit with living in Indiana they are one of the few stores that carries over a 32 B, so I keep going there. I just measured and got 28 as my rib and 35 as my bust so that makes me a 28 F? Seems like a crazy size when I wear a size 2,except for my bust. Also where are some places that take returns? It never fails that I tell a sales person my bra size, they tell me I can't wear that size, and then proceed to be less than helpful.

Its a little annoying at 15 when you're already self conscience about what size you where and the fact that your DD's aren't as big as your best friends lol. So what size do I wear? And places to buy my size that take returns? Thanks so much for your site: I wear a size 32DD. The bands were too tight, and the cups were too large. But according to this, it says that I'm a 28E. I measured 28 for my ribcage and 34 around my breasts.

My problem is that there's a gap between where my strap reaches my cup and I've already gotten the straps shortened. What should I do? Should I try another size? I'm 16, and I'm really thin except for my breasts. I feel self conscious about it because my friends have significantly smaller breasts than me. I'm not an expert, but I would recommend going to Nordstrom's and stores that sell lingerie.

Make sure your saleswoman knows what she's doing--that was an issue for me. I have been struggling with this same problem since puberty, so it's refreshing to know that I'm not alone. I am a 30H with a pant size 4.

My biggest issue is finding work-appropriate clothing. Suit coats never fit correctly and any dress that actually fits show way too much cleavage. Anonymous who posted on Nov 13, as far as I know, only Ewa Michalak makes bras in a 26 band by custom order. You may be able to find bras with a 28 band that run tight. I'm a 28GG as well, and while it's hard to find bras, it's not impossible! Check out sites like http: Your best bet is probably to order several different bras in 28G and GG's and go from there, and possibly research what brands run tight in the band.

At any rate, I would think you'd want to try bras in the range of 28FF-G. Hi there, Just wondering what I would be if I were to buy a "normal" sized bra. Right now I'm wearing a 30E, but after measuring my-self to your awesome guide, I turn out to be a 28DD I think I'll give you the measurements to be sure. Reason for me asking for a "normal" back size is that I really like a bra from Ann summers and want to get it without having to return it.

Your help would be very much appreciated: I went shopping with a friend who has recently lost weight and needed new bras. Of course she wanted to go to VS; I've tried to talk her out of it, but she insists. So, we get there and the teenage clerk does a "fitting" on her, measuring her chest ABOVE the breasts for the band, then around the breasts for the cup. I noticed that the girl pulled the tape VERY tight when taking the cup measurement I find it amusing to have the VS clerks do a "fitting" on me.

These little girls are amazed that bras come in cup sizes larger than DD, and band sizes smaller than 34! According to them, I should be wearing a 36D, hahahah! I am always keen to ensure my underwear fits properly because there is nothing quite like the feeling of a good snug bra that fits in all the right places , so I tried this just now in one of the tshirt bras I wear every day Figleaves brand.

I measured out at There isn't anywhere nearby that I know of for me to try on some of these specialty sizes, because otherwise I would certainly go exploring, but that's not an option. I thought I had found the light when I discovered how nicely 32Cs fit, but now I am wondering: I measured myself and I have a 34" ribcage measurement -- even though I am a low weight and small clothing size, I've always had ribs on the large side!

Would this be about a 34D, then? Hi there, Using your method, my underband comes to about 26 - I was wearing a 32AA until last week - I was remeasured in a shop and advised to wear a 30B, but after measuring myself and revisiting the shop I was measured, I was then advised a 28C!

After managing to find one in a different shop, it STILL feels uncomfortable and I can still slide both my hands up the back of the band. Do you have any recommendations for me that would help? I have never been proud of my bust - it's always felt small in comparison to my friends.

I'm very excited to have found your blog! It validated what I'd been trying to understand for years. I've always had trouble with bras.

They tell me I'm in a 38D, but the band is always too loose, and the underwire would pop out on the front. I took your advice, and another smart lady's page, and measured myself.

I've a 33 inch underbust chest measurement, and 43 inch bust. I went to the mall, and tried on size 34 bras. Everything fit just like the bra guides say it's supposed to. I went back, and bought two more bras for work.

I haven't had any shoulder or back pain since I found the right size. Thank you so much! So, my underbust measurement is 29 and my bust is What would that make me?

And where would I buy it? My town doesn't even have a Victoria's Secret or anything. Really the only place to buy a bra is Ardene's or Walmart. I'm in Canada by the way. I'm confused because my underbust is What would you suggest bra size i wear because I never can find a right fitting one thanks you: Lauren, it sounds like you'd want to start by trying a 28DD or so.

Hi there, I'm not sure if you're still answering questions but I'll give it a try. I have so many bras, which are all 32d's and only a few I actually wear because most I find uncomfortable.

Some I wear on the loosest hook and some I can only wear on the tightest hook. They are tight, very snug and no room for any more growth, that's for certain. I'm always fighting with them and the straps are always too long. Im very petite and thin at 5'1 and lbs and up until four years ago I actually used to weigh 93 lbs, believe it or not, so I had an extra cup growth.

My ribcage is 27 inches and I measure 34 inches around the bust. I could never imagine wearing a 28 back size! Have I been torturing myself all these years? Do you have any suggestions about what size I should be wearing because a 32 is five more inches than my actual ribcage and that doesn't seem right and I am always uncomfortable and I never feel like they are being supported up.

This is difficult because no stores sell any of these sizes for me to try on but I have got to get get some help with this! I fear I may have to take a special trip to the UK just for bras! This increased my bust number from 35 what I've gotten before, measuring just standing straight to Previously I've worn a 34DD this was really uncomfortable, but vaguely passable in terms of look and a 32E I still feel under-supported in this.

According to this measurement I'm somewhere in the range for ribcage and FF to G in terms of cup. This explains so much, thank you for this guide. Actually, I didn't realize you were supposed to exhale when measuring underbust because that puts me more like 26 inches and 34 around the bust. Is that a 28F? I only weigh lbs and the backstrap still squished fat out, it looked terrible. All I know is the majjority of the 32 Ds I have are not comfortable.

Is the whole breast supposed to fill the cup tightly, should there be any space. How should it sit on the ribcage. Why do petite bras only go to a 32 and only to a c cup? Anonymous December 30, Obviously this depends on your area so you might not have these stores, but I'll give you the names and you can have a look for them. Some of them have more limited sizes, but others have a wider range.

La Senza in store and online lasenza. This explains why sometimes I wear a 36C or a 34D; the inconsistence of manufacturers sizes. Also, bra fitting is extremely important; I once had my grandma buying me a 34A, and she fell really stupid when she saw that my nipples weren't covered by the bra, and had to go to the store to get me a 36C. A well-fitting bra shouldn't give you backfat; make sure the band is thick and supportive enough and the cups are fitting well. The center gore between the cups should be sitting flat against the sternum and there should be no gaping or overflow in the cup.

Bravissimo has a guide with pictures of common fitting problems: If you find that a 28 band feels too big, The Big Bra Bar is soon to come out with a bra in a 26 band, as Brittney recently mentioned! I just wanna make sure before I do any shopping.. I'm way new at this Hehe. These are US sizing? I measured this with a molded cup several times, on my own and with someone helping me.

Even without the bra it's the same. Below Breasts inches Bust- almost 33 inches I'm guessing I just round to a band size 30 but what about the cups? I've been wearing a 32C for a long time now if it has any padding I usually get bulges but a 32D tends to gap. I really don't think I'm that big, but I'm at a loss finding a bra that fits.

Anonymous on Jan 13 8: It sounds like you may be in the 26F range. If you wanted to start off by trying a 30 band, I would start with a 30DD. Volume wise, this is just down one band size and up one cup size from a 32C.

Go down a band size and up a cup size to keep the same volume: Go up one cup size from this: I just realized you can get a 28 band in a bra, I didn't know they came that small!

I'm still confused on my cup size though the difference is 8 so it looks like I'd be a FF cup if they made that size but the closest I could find is a 28F so I'm thinking I should try that. Someone correct me if I'm wrong or if they have a better suggestion. The Big Bra Bar is going to release band bras in March, I believe, but a 28F sounds like a good place to start in the meantime! Actually I took my measurements again this time I got the measuring tape snug, I kinda skipped that step for some reason, so my band measurement is actually 24 inches.

So Band inches Bust inches definitely, this time I leaned forward, it's amazing what you miss when you speed read So 9 inch difference, 24G. Unfortunately I don't know of anyone who makes 24 bands besides Ewa Michalak, who will do them by custom order.

However, The Big Bra Bar check them out on facebook or their website has a bra available in a 26 band next month, taking preorders this month, so you could order a 26FF from them to see how that fits. In any case, if you're used to wearing a 32 band, a 26 will definitely feel much tighter! If it feels too tight, you could start off with a 28F instead, which will be much easier to find.

Hi, my band measurement is 30 and my overbust is I've been wearing 36B, but lately I've realized that the band is MUCH too big, and the cups feel kind of funny sometimes.

If I put my arms over my head they gap a lot all down the top edge. What should I wear instead? Katherine, it sounds like you should try a 30F UK sizing. I'll have to go check out the Nordstrom by me; looks like they have Freya, Panache, etc.

I bought it yesterday and wore all evening as soon as I got home. I don't think my ribcage is quite ready for a 30 band after being in a 36 for years! Thanks for the response. I'll give it a try. I waltzed on into Nordstroms and Dillards but the smallest they carry is a One of my favorite brands carried at those places is a brand called Whimsy.

I fill out a 32D very nicely in that brand but the cups on the 30DD bunch up in the front. My problem I find with bras is that my breasts have all their volume in the bottom, like a slope or teardrop, so full coverage bras tend to bunch up or have space on the top but then are too tight on the side.

I find that I have to buy bras with pushup padding in the bottom and sides to fill up the rest. If you want to try a 28 or 26 band, you'll have order online. Fortunately, there are many websites that do offer bras in bands smaller than a I also have a problem with full coverage bras since my breasts are more bottom-heavy.

You're probably best off sticking with plunge or balconette styles. You may want to look into Cleo by Panache bras - maybe the Poppy bra. I have a review of this bra on my blog - it's slightly padded, moulded, and a balconette-plunge type style, so it sounds like it may work well for you.

It also runs a bit tight in the band, so about a 28E would probably be a good fit for you. Hi again, I posted a few weeks ago and I just wanted to double check, because it's near impossible to find a bra that fits. I'm guessing they don't make any small enough in the band for me, because it's still loose. The cups are also a little loose at the top only, but fit snugly around tbe bottom of my bust.

Samantha, can I ask where you found a 26C? That definitely sounds hard to find! You mentioned before that you were wearing a 28C. Is it possible for you to try something like a 26DD? From your measurements, it sounds like this might be closer to what you need. Sorry Christine, that was a mistake on my part! I'm still wearing a 28C. I'm just so eager to find a bra with a 26 band, that I've started typing it instead!

Unfortunately, I don't know anywhere that sells 26 band bras over here in the UK. And surprisingly enough, the cup being loose at the top is the same for every bra I've tried - ever since I started wearing them. I'm not sure if it's because of their shape I think that the cups being loose at the top could be another sign of a too-big band.

It may be something to check into and if you do try it out, let us know how it works - bloggers have been pushing for mainstream band bras for quite a while! Ewa Michalak will also do band bras by custom order. This way of measuring never, ever works for me. I am tiny under my breasts, but if I try to put on a bra that corresponds to that measurement, it is way too small no matter the cup size. This article is intriguing because I do have the armpit fat and always just assumed that that was natural for me, much as I disliked it.

But, honestly, I am not able to find a bra that fits when I measure as you suggest. I'm slightly confused about my fitting. Around my ribcage, I'm 29in, so that's either a 28 or 30 size band, right?

And then around my breasts, I'm 36in. If I go with a 28 size band and subtract the 36 from that, I get 8, which makes me a D cup, right? So I'd be a 28D. But if I go with the size 30 band and subtract it from 36, I get 6, and that makes it a C, so 30C..?

I'm getting the feeling I'm doing this wrong Although, for the longest time I wore a 36C pretty comfortably, until I went into Victoria's Secret one day and all the 36Cs gave me armpit fat, so they moved me up to a D and it fit much better.

But I also have wide-set breasts. Ugh, I love my boobs, but they're so weird. Mirrahndah, you're right, 29 inches is a 28 or 30 bandsize. So you would probably want to start out with trying a 28G or 30FF. If you're used to wearing a 36 band, a 30 or 28 will feel tight at first, but it will give you much better support!

If you have wideset breasts, you may want to try Panache brand bras. So I would start with a 28FF or 30F. It sounds like you should try a 28C-D or so. Check out Brittany's latest post resources for small busts for some ideas on where to find these!

Last week, I went in to a VS expecting to size down as I at least believed that I had been a 36C a couple of years ago, got pregnant then sized up to a D and stayed with that size until last week. My Ds were never very flattering and mostly made my boobs look smaller than the C ever did. When the girl measured me at a DD, I was surprised.

I am pretty confident in these measurements, I have got the same results with a parallel measuring tape several times. I tried on some bras there, both D because I thought she was full of it , then the DDs.

The DDs did seem to provide more support and coverage. But, they also seemed very, very large, of course that is probably a matter of perception considering that I am not used to wearing a bra that size. Even so, there was no gapping and the cups fit smooth, and there was no spillover. My boobs look better in these than the Ds. I bought several and have worn them which I now regret because they can't be returned.

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