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I have a dispute in with the credit card company. Of course, I rejected the delivery and went to the store.

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Best Buy Mobile store location in West County Center, Missouri - hours, phone, reviews. Directions and address: 80 West County Center, Des Peres, Missouri - MO , GPS , Sales and coupons information.
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I ended up with Becky, who has been trying to help us, albeit unsuccessfully. After speaking with Becky multiple times, we arranged delivery for today, September This would ensure we were able to meet our commitment on Saturday without worrying that they would be in the middle of another failed installation.

Which brings us to September 26 and another four-hour block of my time set aside in vain. Installers arrived at approximately 8: When we asked them if they were going to connect the stainless line to the source, they said no. After a couple of hours, I was contacted again by Becky, who is asking "how can they make this right?

Just refund my money. I'll deal with getting everything done correctly myself. Or pay me my hourly consulting rate for the 24 hours I've wasted so far. I could buy a whole kitchen-full of new appliances with that sum.

So, here I sit with a refrigerator that has an ice maker that has been installed without all the screws, has stripped out holes, and has a stainless water line that is stuck on the year-old plastic tubing. I have had to unload and re-load my fridge and freezer six times. I have a dispute in with the credit card company. There is no amount of gift card that could possibly make up for my inconvenience.

You can't make this stuff up. If you see some woman on Comedy Central doing a stand-up routine about appliance delivery, it's probably me. Best Buy contracts with an outside vendor for their deliveries which we were not aware of until their vendor Spirit caused extensive water damage to our oak floor and the ceiling below. They hooked up the water line improperly which resulted in the water damage. They also charged me for a stainless steel water line which I never received but was charged for.

After months of submitting pictures and documentation to their insurance carrier they denied the claim, claiming that my wife signed for a drop off only, when in fact our receipt shows utility hookup.

Apparently the little computer tablet they presented for her to sign said it was a drop off only. I will never walk into a Best Buy store again and I encourage all who read this to do the same. There are reputable dealers out there, Best Buy is not one of them though. I have read multiple reviews with similar complaints regarding water damage caused by their delivery team and the same result, claim denied.

We visited the Best Buy store in the Coralville Iowa. Two sales people met us on the floor and answered several questions about various 75'' flat screen TVs.

I settled on the Samsung NU, and a 3. We then looked at wall mounts. The salesperson, while being very helpful had to ask the manager. She stated that she would not be able to price match the wall mount. I explained to Ms. She continued to refuse the price match. Needless to say I left the store without a purchase that day. A person tries to do the right thing and keep the business local.

I personally will not make his mistake again. I came into the Silverdale Best Buy and the guy that I was dealing with then was nice and tried to upgrade my current phone to the Note9. I was fantastic that would pay for anything I needed for the Note9 case, charger etc.

Well due to us not able to go any further he asked me to come in the next day. Their tech is available to finish it up. So I did do that driving 30 min back on my only day off and well they did get me going back on what the plan was then before I signed the dotted line. I was like, "What. He told me one thing and you guys told me another. I would not recommend if you're planning on a upgrade.

Don't go to Best Buy. Unless you plan on sitting for 4 hours like I did 2 hours one day and 2 hours or more the next! I just went through a horrific experience with this store manager, and the delivery team.

We were ready to purchase appliances from Ashley Furniture but decided to see what Best Buy can do for us. We purchased a KitchenAid bundle range, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher. The range was an "Open Box" item that was on display with all of the rest of the showroom units at a lower price.

The only defect this unit had was a few fingerprints. The delivery team delivered everything except the range on the date they had set up. They stated that "it was not delivered to the warehouse" so they couldn't deliver the range to our home with the rest of the units. They had to push the delivery of the range out almost a week. On the day of the delivery of the range, I got a phone call stating that the unit was damaged. The service team took pictures and the sides look to have been caved in by a forklift.

Of course, I rejected the delivery and went to the store. The manager acted as though he was doing me a favor. He stated that "This is the risk when you purchase an open box item. This was sold as an open box item not "As is".

This has held up our remodeling project as well as not having a stove to cook meals now for almost 2 weeks, counting on Best Buy. We are now forced to purchase a washer and dryer from another store as I will not step foot in another "Best Buy". The worst part is not that the unit was damaged, nor the late delivery.

It was the lack of customer focus to correct the mistakes made on behalf of Best Buy. How do you make a customer pay more money to correct the mistakes made by the store and delivery team? Took my vehicle back twice since because the Bluetooth wouldn't work.

After the second attempt it quit working 2 days after the repair. So here I am again but this time my stereo isn't working at all. I have called the local store no one will answer. I tried so many times I just gave up. I will never purchase anything more from Best Buy because their customer service just sucks. I purchased a stove and microwave which was scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday. The night before I received a call saying they would be there between 9 am and 1 pm.

On Wednesday I received another call informing me that it would be later than 1 pm, but they would call a half hour before. Sent my neighbor to my house and no one was there. I call Best Buy and after 15 minutes I talked to someone who put me on hold then disconnected after 30 minute wait. Called back and for the second time customer service rep disconnected again.

Went to store and they basically said they couldn't help me and a case manager would call me. She called that evening and said she could not give me a delivery date or time until next day. Another case manager called Thursday and said the earliest they could delivery was the following Monday which I told her was unacceptable.

She needed to make it earlier. Here it is Saturday and still no reply from case manager or delivery date. Worst experience with customer service and Best Buy ever. Will not be shopping there again. I purchased 3 new large appliances. They were delivered on time as promised, and the delivery people were excellent.

No manuals with any of the appliances. Took a couple of days to figure out how to switch the frig from "demonstrator" mode, and ended up losing food; it had spoiled. The salesperson, Leah from the Duncan BC store continually followed up and finally about a month later, it was secured. The installers were flexible to my work hours and very professional. I believe that it was just little oversight, but it was really a hassle.

Thank heavens for Leah for helping me through a challenging time. I purchased a Best Buy gift card for my Mother to purchase a new cell phone. We went to our local Best Buy at Birkland Pl. Everything went well with our selection and purchase until we tried to pay for the cell phone with the gift card.

I checked the gift card and there were no such restrictions listed. I was going to make the purchase with my debit card and then decided not to spend my money at Best Buy. We left and purchased the same phone at WalMart. Unfortunately I now have a Best Buy gift card that I really don't want. I needed an external hard drive to transfer files from old MacBook Pro to my new iMac. I asked if I could get a credit card. They ran my license through their cash register and I was approved.

I was never told about this. This is Best Buy operates people. This is Best Buy. Our home is being repaired after the Harvey hurricane flood. A nightmare of incompetence, cross-functional blame and damage ensued.

Range delivered two months before install awaiting flooring cabinet installation. When they went to install, discovered they did not have the correct connection kit for what they sold us. We got bounced around on promises for a follow-up up installation.

Promises made on appointments and times of arrival were not kept. Spoke to a corporate employee named Jesse, who said he would make sure it got handled but that they did not think the original connection kit was the wrong one and asked me to go buy it at Home Depot and they would reimburse me.

Having had enough of the broken promises, I went over to the local Best Buy where I bought this range and got reimbursed for the connection kit and was told by the store manager "they should have had the correct installation kit with them when they came to install the range"!

The crew came the next day. They said although I had the right kit, another fitting needed to be replaced and I would have to buy another fitting and schedule another installation team to finish the install. These guys damaged one of the new cabinet doors. We had to delay the counter installation because Best Buy would not expedite someone back to finish the installation.

Finally done two days later - after rescheduling yet again another "show up" time promise. All told, weeks delay, multiple broken promises on appointments, utter Three Stooges level incompetence at Bothe the local, warehouse, 3rd party service and Corporate levels added to the cost of replacing a new cabinet door, a second connection kit, two trips to Home Depot and one trip to Best Buy. All of this to get these people to do what should have been done the first time correctly.

I would eat broken glass with a spoon before I would buy major appliance from this store chain that is riddled with anti-customer service execution from one end to another and, by the way, screens reviews submitted about their local stores for the website to put in only 4 star or better reviews.

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Best Buy Mobile West County Mall, Des Peres, MO. 68 likes. Welcome to the Future Of Mobile! Best Buy Mobile Iinside West County Mall5/5(6). Best Buy Mobile Store Hours & Phone Best Buy Mobile at West County Center - St. Louis, MO View info on Best Buy Mobile store located at West County Center in St. Louis, MO – including address, map, store hours, phone number, and more. About Best Buy Mobile. Best Buy Mobile is an American multinational consumer electronics headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb. It operates in the United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and China. The company was founded by Richard M. Schulze and Gary Smoliak in as an audio specialty store.