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Southwest only flies to Ft. There's a casino on-board and Bingo nights. Also, remember that the sizes of one brand might differ from the other. Dallas Vintage Shop strives to supply costumes and vintage clothing for any decade, any century, and any class of persons. Still looking forward to visiting you in Australia some day!

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Now that you know the background, here's how we pulled it off!

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If you are lucky, you can get boys dresses and baby dresses at half their prices. While comfort is the most important factor to consider, it does not mean that the design does not matter. There are loads of designs and styles to choose from, right from balloon dresses to blazers, you get all.

Keep such dresses for weddings and other occasions. Also, for daily wear, look for no-frill and no-embellishment dresses. However, too much to embellishment will make the dress gaudy.

The fabric quality should be good. If she is a baby, this is not, of course, required. However, by the time your child turns years, she will have strong likes and dislikes. If you are buying dresses of her choice, then you do not have to worry about forcing her to wear the same.

She will wear them herself and not throw tantrums. The choices of dresses for boys are also many. Here are some of the clothing items that are available these days. Baba suits come in varieties of colors and prints and are very comfortable to wear.

Baba suit sets are also available. Baby dress is also common and so are frocks, for baby girls. Cute tiny t-shirts and pants are available too and these can be worn by both baby girls and baby boys. You will get lehengas and sarees too.

Dresses, frocks, skirts, jeans, jeggings, tops, and everything else that you can think of. For winters, a few jackets and pullovers are enough. Sweatshirts look trendy too.

A-Line, maxi, and gowns are ideal for parties and weddings. Salwar sets are also very popular. Ethnic attires are in trend now and make sure to buy at least a few of them for your little girl. Blazers and suits are available for boys. Dhotis, sherwanis, and kurtas are in great demand as well. The choice of clothes for kids is more or less same as adults these days. They are available in a wide range styles and cuts and make your child look like a prince or princess.

Just make sure you buy quality ones and ones which are comfortable to wear. We had a late dinner seating and the counselors came to the dining rooms to pick up kids to take them back to the club halfway through the meal.

It was magical in ways only Disney can be magical, but still had many of the same points you mentioned here about your cruise. Sodas, tea, coffe, and tap water were free all day as well as all the other food choices. My husband and I had as much fun as the kids did. I found your tips in this series to be wonderful- some I had already heard, some I had not. I think with any trip as expensive as a week long vacation can be, research is most important, and I love reading personal accounts like yours to help me plan and decide.

I think if it was just us adults we would look at other lines for cruising based on cost effectiveness, but with the kids we will continue to do Disney for a while. I loved your blog! Blessing to you and your family! We are going on a cruise in 6weeks with our 4 kids, ages 10,10,10 and One of my kiddos has special needs , including food. Did you have any problems getting food for your little one? Jack only eats puréed food, and the thought of bringing a weeks worth of food is overwhelming!

Thanks for all of the great tips! I will definitely share with my family who is also coming! This is because they are cleaned and filtered differently than those on land, and there are lots of regulations concerning discharging water from them into the ocean. These rules are created and enforced by the CDC and you will find them on all the cruise ship websites. These rules are posted by the pools.

They are simple areas with spraying spigots and little if any standing water. Often they are not in eyesight of each other. So that can be difficult if only one parent is supervising the water play.

Im curious when you are at port if you stay on ship are kids clubs still open and running? Some cruises dont have alot of sea days. And i want my adult time too lol. I realize this is an old post, but feel I must add something very important. This is a regulation from the CDC. This post is GOLD. My favorite tips that I never would have thought of by myself were hiding favorite books and toys, the electronics fast, and embracing the curly hair.

Thanks so much for sharing your experiences! Thank you very much for this well informed article. I have never been on a cruise before so this will be the first for me and my little ones, 5 and 2. This article has calmed my fears and answered my questions. This year we stayed at the Barcelo a bavaro in Punta Cana and it was quite a bit. So cruising seemed cheaper. I will update and share this awesome information. Your email address will not be published. Why did we decide to take our kids on a cruise?

Weren't we scared of cruise horror stories? How we pulled it off Set a budget and save up How we saved up for our trip How to find the best deal Picking and booking your cruise Breakdown of what our cruise cost Extras and fees to expect on a cruise Fly or drive? Why not a Disney cruise? Weren't we scared of all the horror stories you hear on the news?

Now that you know the background, here's how we pulled it off! Our boat was the Carnival Victory. Coffee and café food. There are typically some cafés on board each ship. But whatever floats your boat. There's a casino on-board and Bingo nights. You must buy-in to play. Photos, gifts, and shops.

There are shops on-board the ship where you can buy anything from clothes, to bottles of alcohol, to basic travel needs sunscreen, seasick meds, etc. There are also photo backdrops and photographers throughout the ship that will take your photo and you can buy it.

Those all cost extra. If you want to do fun adventures off the boat you need to pay for them, and you can book those through the cruise ship or wait until you are in port like we did details in Part 2. You don't tip any staff on-board, they have you pay it in one lump sum at the end of your cruise and they divide it out to all the staff.

Not sure what the age cutoff is, it was a pleasant surprise that they didn't charge for Beck who is one. We normally choose places we can drive to and typically choose NOT to fly places, to save money and have a car to drive once at our destination.

But with the flight credit and the trip money we had saved up, we decided it was time to splurge and do a fun tropical vacation as a family for the first time — which required flying.

Find your port city first. Each cruise ports from a different city, and this makes a big difference when it comes to flights. For us, doing Mexican Riviera cruises that leave out of California are more affordable because we could drive there we live in Utah. However, from my own research and interviewing other people, cruise lines tend to send their older ships out of California ports. All 3 times the ships weren't nearly as nice as the one we went on for Carnival that ported from Miami.

Not sure if that's always the case, but that was my personal discovery. So for us, we decided to pay more and fly out of the East Coast to try a new cruise, destination, and port city to get a different cruising experience. We looked at flights to make sure they weren't astronomical, since we had only 18 days before the cruise we wanted to go on. The flights ended up being very reasonable on Southwest, even last-minute! Find the best flight deals.

Check out all my tips for finding cheaper flights. Remember to always book your flights separately per person — you will mostly likely pay more if you book them all together! If we hadn't used our frequent flier points to buy a flight for a family reunion already, we would've applied them toward this trip. Use what you have, every dollar saved really helps! Use credit card cash rewards. Another way to help cover your flights is to use your credit card points and cash earned.

It was a couple hundred dollars extra that really helped! Keep your eyes peeled. Be aware…while cruises are often cheap last-minute, flights tend to get MORE expensive last-minute. So don't wait too long to book your flights. As mentioned in this post , I use AirfareWatchdog to help me keep my eye on flights, especially to exotic destinations. When a good flight pops up, jump on it …making sure you've saved up, set a budget, and know where you want to cruise to, that is.

Consider small fees when booking flights. For one, two bags fly free per person. Two, you can cancel or change flights at any time without a fee. Same thing if you cancel a flight, it saves what you paid as credit.

So if a good deal pops up, we will buy it without thinking. If we need to cancel or change our flight, we know we can use the credits on a later date without being penalized. Allows us flexibility and peace of mind. Check and double-check all transportation details. Southwest only flies to Ft. Lauderdale, and our cruise left from Miami. While there are cruises that leave from Ft. Lauderdale, they were far more expensive, and had more days at sea boo! We did some research and found out the cities are only about 30 miles away from each other, did more research to see what a shuttle or taxi would cost see part 3 for all those details , and decided it was worth the cost of a shuttle to get the cruise we wanted.

But here's my take on how and why we booked the hotels we did: Consider flight times and your cruise itinerary. As shown on the cruise itinerary above, our ship was leaving at 4pm on day 1. Since we are in Utah and our ship leaves from Miami, there was no way we could fly across country to Ft. Lauderdale, shuttle to Miami, and make it in to our ship time, so we were forced to fly in 1 day early. My husband used sites like Hotwire. We wanted one that offered a free shuttle from the airport.

Looking to keep them super comfy at home? Find a pair of super-cute slippers, from Disney characters and more, for them. Adults aren't the only ones that want great clothing at an ultra-low price.

Whatever the occasion may be, kids will need appropriate attire. Online shopping with 6pm. With such great prices on fantastic brand names, you'll coming back for more! We do not rent, share or sell your personal information.

Kids Clothing: Types & Tips

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