Tops In Blue

Tops In Blue: The Air Force’s Premier Entertainment. Tops In Blue is an elite group of talented vocalists, musicians, dancers, comedians, and magicians and that perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world.

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Tops In Blue is the Air Force's premier entertainment showcase for the entire family. It brings the best in music, dance and comedy -- all performed by men and women in blue who perform 90 minutes of non-stop live entertainment.
Tops In Blue: The Air Force’s Premier Entertainment. Tops In Blue is an elite group of talented vocalists, musicians, dancers, comedians, and magicians and that perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world.
Tops In Blue: The Air Force’s Premier Entertainment. Tops In Blue is an elite group of talented vocalists, musicians, dancers, comedians, and magicians and that perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world.
Tops In Blue is the Air Force's premier entertainment showcase for the entire family. It brings the best in music, dance and comedy -- all performed by men and women in blue who perform 90 minutes of non-stop live entertainment.
Tops In Blue is the Air Force's premier entertainment showcase for the entire family. It brings the best in music, dance and comedy -- all performed by men and women in blue who perform 90 minutes of non-stop live entertainment.
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Tops In Blue: The Air Force’s Premier Entertainment. Tops In Blue is an elite group of talented vocalists, musicians, dancers, comedians, and magicians and that perform for military personnel and their families throughout the world.

For years, canceling Tops in Blue was a frequent suggestion when airmen were asked to name ways to save money. One ex-member, former Capt. Gavin Light, filed an inspector general complaint in alleging waste, abuse and a "blatant disregard for safety" in the program.

Light told Air Force Times that while the cash-strapped Air Force was cutting on-base programs that airmen actually used, such as bowling alleys and auto body shops, it had no business spending money on the band. Critics of the band also said the Air Force's official budgetary estimates didn't take into account the salaries of the band's roughly three dozen members -- who were taken out of their usual jobs for a year while they rehearsed and toured -- as well as travel costs for sending them all over the world.

Those salaries cost at least another million dollars. Former members said they often worked 18 hours a day, operating on just a few hours of sleep, which led to illnesses and injuries. A truck driver for the band told Air Force Times he was regularly told to ignore rules requiring vehicle operators to get eight hours of sleep and requirements to periodically check equipment to ensure it hadn't shifted in transit. Because of that, he said, instruments or equipment were often broken en route.

The commander-directed investigation, launched as a result of Light's complaint and obtained by Air Force Times via a Freedom of Information Act request, substantiated an unnamed female airman's allegations of sexual harassment while she was on tour in Jennifer Esposito retains her "also starring" credit from the first season, whilst Amy Carlson and Sami Gayle are also credited as "also starring" during the episodes that they appear.

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Early life Raised in a large family on a farm in Northern California, her first exposure to music was in church. Korea, Germany, and California, as well as completed 2 tours of duty in Salerno, Afghanistan.

After completing the tour, she moved back to Germany to pursue music, where she quickly rose to number one in Mannheim, Germany for Country Music by , and was featured on the Voice of Germany Blind Auditions.

She recorded an original album entitled "Unspoken", which was released in 13 Dec It oversees the worldwide operation of the Air Force fitness program, food service, lodging, mortuary affairs, readiness, libraries, management information systems, family member programs, non-appropriated fund transformation, purchasing, construction, non-appropriated fund food and beverage operations, amusement machines, Tops In Blue, Air Force-level sports, the world-class athlete program, golf, bowling, outdoor recreation, aero clubs, arts and crafts, tickets and travel, plans and force management, and training.

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The show premiered on September 23, , in the United States. Based out of Washington, D. Operational psychologist Dr Jacque A Super Bowl Event". Retrieved February 7, Senior Airman Benjamin Stratton October 6, Archived from the original on December 25, Retrieved February 13, Erin Tindell January 31, Archived from the original on April 12, It's not just singing, dancing we do". Archived from the original on September 10, SrA Catharine Schmidt March 26, Air Force News Service.

Smith January 27, Archived from the original on July 14, Tops in Blue Performance Director Resigns".

Tops in Blue has become a source of controversy in recent years, with some airmen saying it was a waste of time and money that didn't do much to entertain the rank-and-file. The use of "Tops In Blue" and "Air Force Entertainment" does not constitute an official endorsement of any of the content of this site by the US Air Force or the Department of Defense. The Air Force is saying goodbye to its famed performance band, Tops in Blue. The service on Sept. 1 officially shut down the tour group, comprised of 35 active-duty airmen who dabbled in song.