4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Victoria’s Secret Bras

Where is the best place to get a maternity bra that sells size 32E or 32F with underwire? I currently wear a 32DDD, but they are getting bigger. Where is the best place to get a maternity bra that sells size 32E or 32F with underwire? I currently wear a 32DDD, but they are getting bigger. Log in. My account.

That being said, I do want to look sexy in my bra and wear some fun colors, etc.

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Looking for the best place to shop for maternity fashion? Check out this list of the best maternity stores that are all budget-friendly, too! The Best Places to Shop for Maternity Clothes. Posted by The Budget Babe May 3, They also carry a great selection of quality nursing bras.
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Re: Best place to buy maternity bra?

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I have one maternity bra that I keep using, washing and reusing but I have had it for over 6 years from when I had my first. I can’t seem to find the right place where I can buy Maternity bra’s.

I take pride in what I do. First off bra girls really do get certified at VS…I work there as one of our full time bra specialists and I was certified for 3 months before I could be promoted! Granted we could carry more sizes even I agree with that. But taking jabs at our employees is wrong. Please do more research before you go on our local news station for all to see. This is really good to know! We do not have VS stores where I live, but I was buying bras online and had five purchases in a row where even after measuring and entering my sizes, I was still ending up with bras that were the wrong fit, or so low cut that when I lean over my breasts were falling out!

I finally bit the bullet and went to get a professional bra fitting, and I am so glad I did. I walked out with a new bra and a new sports bra, and am loving my purchases. No more chafing, double boob or straps sliding down my shoulders!

I hate VS for this reason! I got fitted at Nordstroms and it legit changed my life. I had no idea they go through so much training to get certified! And no wonder why! Its a massive change! Yeah I end up spending double what I would spend elsewhere on a bra but it fits and it lasts. I went from having boobs overflowing out of my bra and sometimes shirt to being able to fit into most tops with out boobs all over the place! That makes my day. I see nothing wrong with the bra that model is wearing.

I appreciate you commenting and your opinion. Yes there are recommended guidelines on how to properly wear a bra but it all comes down to what makes her feel comfortable, sexy, and confident. Some women do like to have their breasts plump as shown in the photos above and actually look for bras that are going to do that for them.

It is not our place to judge or tell her that she is wrong if that is what she wants. You can tell by the look and the feel of the fabric alone. It is recommended to hand wash your bras but I can tell you that I have been wearing VS bras for years and have never hand washed them.

I wash them in the washing machine and then hang them to dry and place them in my draw properly when dried. Doing this has had them last for years. Lastly, I too am an employee of VS and I can assure that it is a fantastic company to work for. They take care of their employees and do not overwork you as mentioned in a comment on this article. Interesting article and I agree with all of things you said when comparing the different photos.

I always felt a little bit of resentment toward VS because I am wider and heavier, though I still have small breasts. Sure, larger women will have a harder time finding something that fits at VS. However, VS associates are supposed to be focused on finding bras that fit just like the alternate bra styles you provided from other companies. A center gore should lay flat, the band should be parallel to the ground, and your boobs should not be spilling out of the cups.

Those are all things every associate learns from the moment they begin onboarding. Some women like very little pushup for everyday wear, and others want cleavage to their neck. VS models are exactly that — models — and not a representation of the average woman. I know that I will never look like Adriana Lima. That is a great thing for me as someone who is not very positive about her body. Great bras exist at many companies, and I think VS is one of them. If you buy VS bras from the better quality collections, they should last you a long time.

Finally, VS is a great company to work for. When there was a natural disaster in my area and the power was out for weeks, VS was the first to call and provide employees with hotel rooms for hot showers.

I too worked for VS many years ago and my experience with them was not a pleasant one. However the experience I gained allowed me to go on in my management career, moving on to Maidenform, than into bridal until I began my new career as Mom.

And still even I have difficulty. I even resorted to trying Jockey and their new fitting concept. Those bras just rode up. The cups are narrower. There is less material on the top and the straps have been moved out farther to the sides. I will say that I had success in finding a well fitting full coverage bra that was comfortable and made the girls look good and made me feel attractive in my clothes.

I was on one site, I forget which, and took a look at their bra fitting guide — according to them I should wear a 36B. Now, the way I was trained much the same as Courtney I wear a 32D. Yes, you can do Zappos. Somewhere along the way, the sizing structure and cup definitions has changed. Probably a marketing thing to get us all out to buy new bras. Which, is funny when you think about it since our bras DO wear out. I was trained that the life of a bra is about 6 months.

Hey, those babies do quite a bit of work so that makes sense. So why change the sizing and cups? Who are lingerie companies targeting? How much disposable income do those age groups have? What about the older ladies who still want pretty lingerie? We women have money to spend. And apparel companies are leaving us behind, chasing after the younger broke crowd.

Store level and catalog are 2 very different things. The catalogs of old managed to be elegant and sexy.

This is very sad when you consider that VS began when Roy Raymond was embarrassed in a dept. The entire message of VS has changed. Their models have become considerably younger. Then they ventured into Fredricks of Hollywood land, which was considered racy. What does that say that now Fredricks is more tame than VS? The lack of knowledge and customer service is astounding. Ladies, your frustration is shared. Now share it with these companies. Call them, write to them, text, tweet, post on Facebook.

Obviously the ladies who have been trained by dept. These are the ladies who are the gems, so rare and prized we all wish we came across them in our daily shopping lives — oh how our days would be better for finding them!!! Courtney — keep up the good work. Women deserve to look and feel beautiful. We should get to spend our days living without poking wires, falling or digging straps, and drooping girls.

Thank you for reminding us, and offering help. I can tell you have a lot of passion, just like me! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the blog. Because girls in my class are right there in front of me and are just like me, only they have itty bitty bodies that can fit into anything. In college I wanted to ease into my Victoria Secret purchases because of the outrageous cost. What a waste of money. Give me cotton Hanes… Disaster. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, even the negative ones.

I love how this topic gets people so passionate, including me. The last time I got measured, probably years ago, I was measured at a 34B. I tried on 34B and the bra would not stay on.

So, I began wearing a 32C, it was a lot more comfortable. I wore 32C for 5 years, got pregnant and had a baby, but those years we are not counting for bra size. I recently was refitted, the woman did not measure me, instead she had me open the door and show her, as long as I was comfortable. Some people may be uncomfortable about that, but I was fine. So she had me try on 32 D. It was more comfortable in some aspects.

It covers a little more than I would like. I would have liked a little less bra and a little more boob. My 32C bras I have never have bothered me. Either way, I went with a 32D. The 32D strapless would have never have worked. It fell off in multiple lines of strapless. One last thing, I am petite, measurements being And without push-up bras haha.

I would absolutely never trust anyone else with my bras. Their gearing toward college aged students, not teenagers, in PINK, check out their dorm and campus gear. And it makes many feel extremely sexy, and yes, comfortable. I used to buy from VS since my boyfriend has an employee discount he works for corporate L. So I go to thw store and was getting measured.

The employee agreed that the band was now too big for me measured at 34DDD prior. Now I was measuring st a 32DDD. So going to a 32DDD was too small. She gave me other bras to try but still the same result. I fit into a 30FF anf that was that. Now the 30FF is big on me… since I lost more weight. I should probably try on more sizes like a 28FF or something equivalent.

You might not find them much in brick and mortar stores. I really like the Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort bra! Good article — the commentary on the lack of longevity and excessive sexuality in VS products is worth considering. The VS models are all thin and toned, whereas most of the models for the other brands are healthy and full-figured.

This is probably why the gore appears to fit the models in other brands better than the VS models, who have a natural or photoshopped indentation in their skin just beneath the gore. In the image of the girl in the lilac VS bra, the cleavage on her right breast seems to end at the base of the wire, which is unrealistic. I wander if they are going to turn down one of my returns.

I thought I will try one more time and thought I have gotten closer, but could not wait to get the bra off when I got home as it felt like rubber on my skin in the back and rolled up at the bottom.

Now VS never hurt me or dug into me, I am tempted to go back. Not sure what direction to go. Did you try loosening up the straps? Sometimes the way were shaped makes the band curl up a bit. What I suggest is to get a band that is really thick and wide, this will help prevent it from curling up.

Keep trying, sometimes it takes a couple of times to find the perfect bra. If you need help I offer bra consults online and in person and have a really high success rate, email me at cfrysauceandgrits at gmail dot com. During the past 2 years I have become annoyed with VS prices and horrible quality bras, after having worn them all of my adult life. At your suggestion I went to the closest shop to me, Soma. The staff took 45 minutes for measuring and fitting the best bras for my size and shape.

Surprise — just like you said, the over the clothing measurements the little girl at VS took was completely inaccurate. Back to my Soma experience. Wore my first bra by Soma today and OMG…. As a long-time VS bra specialist I want to say it is very nice to read about your passion for the need of women to feel amazing when wearing a comfortable well-fitting bra. I also agree VS should carry maternity bras. But, VS bra specialists are trained and many of us take great pride in what we do.

And, honestly Body by Victoria bras are extremely comfortable, without overly emphasizing sexiness, well-made, and are not outrageously priced when compared to other bras you suggested. I disagree with this post. After shopping extensively for the bra that makes me feel and look good, VS has been the best place for me.

Aside from that, you seem to be shaming them for advertising sexy. While they do have the basic everyday bras, it seems that they specialize in the sexy ones, and sexuality in general. We all want to look and feel good, no matter the type of bra, and Vicorias Secret has done that for me.

The bra fits perfect and they are comfortable. And if you take care of your bras they will last. Washing machine damages all clothes over time. She emphasizes measuring your under bust for the exact band size and then bending over and measuring across the nipples and using the difference in the 2 numbers to determine cup size. She also emphasizes only using UK sizing and not American sizing. I have been wearing a VS 36C, which I find uncomfortable. Since when do they carry 30 band size?

Back when I was wearing the wrong size 32B and showing all the classic symptoms of an ill-fitting bra, I bought VS bras, and frankly, they were cute and held up well. My gripe with them is how narrow their sizing selection is.

This post actually gives them more credit than they deserve when it comes to size range available. I also agree that the models show how a bra is NOT supposed to fit, which will confuse women as to how they should look in their bra when it fits well. Thank you so much for writing this article, I completely agree with you.

I am busty and they were having a difficult time accurately measuring me to fit into one of there bras without one part of me falling out.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write both articles, I feel empowered to make a better choice for a bra that would fit my needs. I am fully on board with banning them. They create way too much body shame, and they are aiming much of their advertising at younger and younger age groups. I wrote a post about them a few months ago and feel strongly about empowering women and body image.

Thanks for the post! Thank you for this article! I too used to shop at VS because few places carry a 32 band size. For years, they told me I was a 32B despite the fact that I was uncomfortable and falling out of the bras.

Desperate to get rid of the discomfort, I found a Nordstrom Rack an hour and a half away from me. I was measured there by a wonderful lady, who looked just a few years older than I.

This wonderful lady went above and beyond to make sure I was in properly fitting bras. She asked what styles I liked, preferred colors, etc, and went out into the store and picked out bras for me. She came in after I tried on each bra and told me if it fit or not, as well as showing me how she could tell. It was a Saturday and busy as all get out, but this wonderful lady took the time to really give me a great experience and it made all the difference to me. Bras in a 32D are impossible to find for me unless I go to VS.

I avoid VS at all costs because their bras give me quadraboob where the cup cuts into the breast falling out above the cup, making it look like you have 4 boobs, hence the name. As a former S. A not for VS , it absolutely appalled me that the sales associate had the guts to ask a woman if she was sure she needed a size extra large the woman was underwear shopping.

I set down the pair of sweatpants I had been looking at I had been searching every store for sweatpants with non-elastic bottoms and finally found some at VS and walked right out.

I refuse to be forced into bras half my size, to have poorly made bras, and to stand behind a company that allows SA to be biased towards larger women. I love how passionate you are about this, because this is how I feel about VS too. Thank you so much for this post. I had no idea that there were certifications or anything like that. I feel that Victoria Secret bras definitely lack. Not impressed with the quality! I know everyone has their own opinion about stores, however, I think it is extremely important to make a few things corrected here.

I have been with the company for 5 years, and we have changed a lot within all those years. We have gone through some major changes that put us in the customers shoes.

Since I have been with the company I have been certified 10 times. That is twice a year, they have us go through the classes, the time spent with customers. We measure to fit our bras, just like other stores do to fit their bras. When I went into VS for the first times I remember walking in there crying because of the fitting I had just got at a department store, they were extremely rude and gave me a bra that would never work. VS ended up fitting me and making me feel confident, and sexy in my own body.

Or not - in which case, go back and grab another. But getting measured is really the key. When it comes to nursing bras, get the size you are now, and a size up. Get comfy ones that fit and support, but for the first month or so I wouldn't sink a ton of money into them. You're not running or anything, and you mostly want something that's going to accommodate the ladies' changing size while not digging in anywhere. When you're maybe a month out and are doing more than going from couch to bed to chair maybe to work, but hopefully not running around there , the ladies will have settled into the size they'll be more or less till the little one starts eating solid foods and that's a decent time to invest in some that will last longer and offer more support.

I had good luck with Bravado online, but local stores carry the line: I was glad to have a nursing bra to wear when I left the hospital because I was really not comfortable going braless at that point. See fitting assistance at http: We'd really like you to take part in the conversation here at All Over Albany.

But we do have a few rules here. Don't worry, they're easy. Comments are moderated so it might take a little while for your comment to show up.

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