Little Black Girl Hairstyles

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Cute Little Girls Hairstyles. When it comes to hairstyles for little girls, there are so many cute options that are full of personality, and the results often look like works of art with added beads, flowers or bows.
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To maintain this style and prevent breakage, take buns out at night and put hair in a loose twist. This style is an especially good choice for girls with dry hair that requires thorough moisturizing.

In this adorable retro style, hair is flat twisted in the front and spiral curled in the back. A style with variety, this look can be worn out as pictured, in a ponytail, or even two pigtails. Because twists are not as tight and long lasting as braids, have your daughter wear a satin bonnet at night to preserve the style. One of the most classic braided styles, french braids are appropriate for women of any age.

This basic puff style gets some added flair and personality thanks to the flat twist and bantu knot in front. This mini two strand twist is a cute protective style for young girls with natural curls. A versatile look, these twists can be worn down, or tied up in a bun, ponytail, or pigtails. To keep twists moisturized without undoing them, combine water and leave-in conditioner in a spray bottle, and mist hair as needed before sealing with your favorite oil.

For a sweet ballerina-inspired style, this look features chunky french braided bangs and a braided bun knot. Instead of gel, style with a thick shea butter that will give moisture and hold without needing to be washed out. You can embellish with a bow for a special occasion, or leave as is for a more everyday style. Cornrow hair into a high ponytail, and braid loose hair into a fishtail braid, adding texturizing hair spray to help hold the braid.

This high braided style is very popular in high fashion and looks just as good on little girls. One of the quickest and easiest styles, you can easily accessorize with headbands or fun scrunchies. Nothing is more beautiful than seeing natural hair flowing.

For the perfect mixture of flowing natural hair and manageable style, try this partial cornrow look. Braids in front keep hair away from the face, while the rest of the hair is left loose in its natural state. To get versatility out of this hairstyle, you can do the back in curls, twists, braid outs, or bantu knots.

Add a cute hair bow for a little extra fluff! Two is always better than one. Then braid each ponytail and simply wrap each braid into a bun. How cute is this little diva rocking her mini fro?! This mini afro style is dressed up with two mini braids in front that are finished with beads, making it easy to match this style to any outfit. To keep from needing to wash hair often, avoid using heavy products with this particular style.

These twisted pigtails are a fun, protective style, and sleeping with a satin or a silk bonnet will help maintain them for as long as possible. Even as a child, actress Madison Pettis had gorgeous long curly hair that she loved to show off. A half up style like this is perfect for showcasing long hair while keeping the look neat, structured, and out of the face. Letting your girl wear her hair in its natural state, and allowing her the freedom to choose her own accessories can help her feel important and independent.

This is a super cute and comfortable style! These twisted bangs are an interesting look, and conveniently keep hair in place, making it an ideal style for girls who love to run and play. Is your girl into cutting edge fashion and out of the box styles? This choppy mohawk cut as seen on Willow Smith can seem like a big step for parents, but if your edgy, wild daughter hates sitting to have her long hair braided, consider letting her try something completely different.

How cute is this side braided hairstyle! This braided hairstyle keeps hair in place all over, and the colorful beads are the perfect way to involve her own sense of style in the process. So If your little princess is ready to experiment with color these come in different shades of reds, and browns.

Natural hair can be braided or twisted in place, depending on your personal preferences. How creative is this? If you have the skill then try different patterns and designs. A great option for little girls with dreads, this style features single dreads that are twisted together and then formed into two buns.

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